Calabria 2008


  • Genre: Dance
  • Release Date: 2007-03-13
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:59

Music Video


  • It’s ok

    By Missy L. Halfmann
    I love the song but the video is kinda inappropriate because girls are showing off their underwears.So next time,don’t make videos that has something to do with underwears.Undetstand?😶
  • Oh yes!

    By RayVal53
    Upbeat music, easy to get lost to, and certainly a sexy video.
  • One of the best!!!

    By Desert Rat 23
    I watch this video almost everyday.
  • Hells yeeaa

    By Mikegmonkey
    I love it
  • U girls??? Woooowww!?!??

    By jman98
    Ok first of all I have to admit that video is good with the theme but one thing I have to say they went a bit too far with the idea. And also girls who commented this video r stupid just 4 this reason because if u guys r trying to convince guys not to get this video good luck they're not going to listen to u. Cuz this is something only guys would really want to see. I'm a guy too but that isn't that hot. Cuz if little kids who loved this song saw the video they might start mimicing wata going on or get bad ideas. That only one reason y I don't like this....but it was a somewat good jk not good 4 kids.
  • This video is as bad as the song is good.

    By MIA Cris
    Note to director: Music videos are not an excuse to make soft porn... correction - cheap soft porn. You are in the wrong business.
  • Wow

    By dude0970
    Daaam the chicks in this video are sexy as hell, what's the blondies name???
  • weerid

    By ObsessedWithCereral
    its great and stuff but its akward reaalyy cuz like girls start strippping this could turn a guy on but on the plus sorts its very catchy and has that club beat
  • uhh....

    By peach78
    the song is cool but the video is gross!!!! its just a bunch of girls in underwear!! yuck!! dont buy this video.
  • help!

    By lostboyingalveston
    i like this song but don't want the video. Does iTunes have just the song with THIS VERSION??

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